Here and There


“Hi, There!” joyfully cried Here, embracing his brother. “Where have you been hiding for so long recently? All of us missed you greatly!”

“I was… there,” evasively answered There. “Had many business deals during the past times so there was no time for idle chatter and useless meetings. I am a very busy businessperson right now, as you can clearly see.”

“You have been like that from the very cradle, brother!” smiled Here and patted brother's shoulder. “Tell me, did people once again give you no time for meditation to such a degree that you had no other choice but to go into hiding?”

“Oh, that's not the word,” grieved There. “Almost tore me apart! There is neither rest nor release from them for who knows how many thousands of years. I have almost become some sort of human “star”, can you imagine? Almost each of them strives to find me, as though I have gathered in my lair a horde of treasures for him personally and is willing to gladly and joyfully share it with each and every speaking, and asking, and demanding, and threatening newcomer. I may be willing to share something good and kind with some of them who are worthy – but not with some sort of hordes!”

“That's all because they have no idea of what they are doing… or where they are searching!” Here burst out laughing freely.

“A very precise note!” confirmed There. “Probably for that very reason you, my brother, became such a lonely and I am such a popular one. Almost no one wishes to stay and search Here and almost everyone dreams of making it There. As if I, a single There, would suffice for them all!”

“It's good where they don't walk. For where they do – something goes wrong as always.”

“And how do you think, Here, why is that always the case with humans?”

“No idea here, There. Possibly because they ceased to feel with their souls and learned to feel only with a body instead?”

“And how many of them still imagine that you, Here, is not-so-perfect, not-that-right, and There on the horizon, in some unreachable cloudless distances, which they look for where they are not present, everything is simply awesome! And it can happen, Here, that somewhere in one of my multiple There's the horse didn't even start rolling, not to mention of riding! And they certainly can't help riding in their glorious quest of finding some irresistible There.”

“My wondrous brother, my kind There, I won't give you them anywhere!” smiled Here. “You will be of much help here… to all of us. For, you know… maybe something, which they have been searching diligently for so long there – it's is already here, right before their itching noses.”

“I really hope that they will once learn to respect and love you, Here,” replied There. “For even the finest of There's appear here once in a while!”