Clear Words: Aphorisms

About religion

Religion is a politicized false faith.

About voluntary purity and freedom of choice

Hatred burns the soul. Resentment poisons her. The Awakened one reserves the right for others to manifest themselves.

About capitalism

Capitalism is an economy of greed.

About egoistical ways

Egoists begin their life journey being free – and end up being lost souls.

About the lamentable wet and spiritual warmth

People are somewhat like logs made of wet wood. In order to truly catch fire, they first need to warm up under the warmth of a kind attitude and dry the old tears inside.

About the female fate and the male will grade

If a man is strong in spirit, a woman marries him and follows, and if he is weak – then he is being married and walks behind.

About looking bright and eyes light

The eyes are a window into the world of the soul, and its light shines from them in moments of human happiness and delight.

About bright love

Love involves mutual light exchange.