Prose: Recognized

Close-by and Far-away

One father had two sons – the youngest and the eldest, beloved and unloved, close-by and far-away one.


Ave, Pandorame!

Design 2.0

Dear eternal comrade Maker!


A young aspiring Angel was walking on the roof of a nine-story building, counting flying over pigeons and squinting in the midday winter sun.


That night Ray had nightmares once again – cutting and slicing the remnants of his human consciousness with the blades of truth of which it tried to get rid off and fai


The fate of the rabbit Aristarchus was not so hot.


One writer, who was fond of ancient things, had a good friend who has been visiting him from time to time.


“Commander, you, I do hope, clearly understand that you have been summoned here not by chance?” with these words the timeless leader of the Brotherhood looked over his


“You call us Angels, but you laugh loudly at our backs when we speak to you of the flight.


It was surprisingly quiet today in the Hall of Destinies.