Winter time

It was the time of retribution,
Of thoughts all dying in confusion,
It was one coldest winter day,
When sun had moved off the way.

There is no hope for it to come,
And all illusions are now gone,
The only thought that’s left to pry
Is endless question: “Why? Why? Why?!”

Why to ignore without answer?
Why hiding soul in the panzer?
Ignored ones now maybe few…
Some day they’ll start ignoring you.

Why to give hope? There is no reason
If you believe it to be treason,
If heart belongs to other man,
Then answer “no” – that’s better than!

Why to keep silence when one “no” –
And hope will die without grow,
And I won’t ever bother you…
Ignored ones … are they but few?

I will not be that “spare haven”!
On death won’t feast like bloody raven,
I’ll find another, truly sun…
I’m once again in the run.

The time will pass, I will forget
Of winter sun that made me sad,
Of heatless sun that did but hide
And disappeared from the sight.

And as for you, I will that tell –
I’ll say: “Goodbye.