Close-by and Far-away

One father had two sons – the youngest and the eldest, beloved and unloved, close-by and far-away one.

With God

People kept coming to the countless-ages-wise gray-haired elder, one after another.

The young and the old man

Once upon a time – and for the first time it happened many years ago and since then it happens from time to time again and again – a young man was running along the roa


“And you won’t check my QR code, all right? I really don’t have one, truly, honestly! I am not marked, you know?


Ave, Pandorame!


“Dear residents of the capital and guests of our city! We invite you to our festive circus show! Devilish cunning, demonic courage, abyssal enthusiasm!

Animal planet

“Another fine day in the eternity! I am glad to welcome everyone here in the seventh heaven today within the walls of our domain.


The Overseer of the entrusted to him otherworldly prison excitedly walked around the reception zone, exhaling tongues of purple flame from time to time.


They desired to “fix” us all. Men, women, even children. To bring down to our knees and kill our spirit. Transform our genome. Break our will.


We are all-around obedient people. We just do what they tell us. We keep watching TV, reading newspapers, crawling in these internets of yours.