Clear Words: Proverbs

About the frog and mental bog

Don’t “croak” yourself in your life’s swamp – or it will be your spirit’s tomb.

About the mirror of the soul

If it’s a mirror of the soul, look in eyes to see who’s foul.

About compromisist self-stupefying

Indulging the follies and nonsense of others, you only become more stupid, my brothers.

About political plausibility

The truth is a lie with a hint that’s inside. Political trickery brings us the blight.

About the dirt and the riches

Connections surely help to get from poor man’s rag to golden stat. To get from stat to total scum the same connections we must run.

About princes, princesses and love stresses

To have the right to live with the prince, become a princess, so to say. To find a princess in your course, become a prince along the way.