Clear Words: Aphorisms

About mediocre managers

A mediocre manager in the past is a direct destroyer in the future.

About personal truths

Everyone has their own truth – but these are truths of different spiritual levels.

About unholy virology

Today you won’t sell me food and supplies because I don’t wear a mask – and tomorrow you won’t because I’m not vaccinated and I don’t have a chip integrated.

About the neglected gardens of human souls

If you start a garden and let the weeds take all the juices of the earth – there will be no more room for flowers to grow. If you massively ignore or encourage vices in people – there will be no future for such a society.

About the targeted acquisition of things

Many of the things that we own are no more than the tools we rent from the world to carry out the tasks of our lives and destinies. To pursue their constant and never-ending acquisition is to substitute the purpose of life with its means.

About space fireflies

Stars are distant suns. The star itself may disappear – but the light from it, traveling for millions of years through the vast expanses of space, one day will still reach and warm us. The same is true for some people – the warmth and light of their deeds can still warm the hearts and souls of unknown people a long time after the souls of these fireflies have gone into a better world of different values and opportunities.

About discontent with life

If you are angry with your life, what option are you left with – to praise death?

About small ones

The best people are few – they are a suppressed minority.

About selfish sowers

He who sows the seeds of selfishness eats the fruits of loneliness.