Speak with me

Speak with me when it is time –
I will tell you what is prime,
I will tell you what is right,
I shall purify your sight.

Speak with me when no one listens,
Though your courage truly glistens,
Speak with me when no one hears –
I will be your inner ears,

I will be your inner eyes –
Those of universal size.
I may open many doors
And to show you where each goes,

I may help you find the way
Where you’ll never be a prey,
Where you won’t be rubbish shelf,
Where you will become yourself.

Where your deeds are all the right,
Where your conscience feels alright,
Where your never know the fear,
Where a joy is just so near…

Speak with me, speak at long last,
And get rid of this disgust,
Never fear what they think,
I am your most previous link,

I am your only and last chance,
I am what’s being called “six sense”,
I am the vision in the light,
I am a sunray in the night.

So speak with me with me when times are hard,
For I am your eternal guard,
Who’s granted vision to decide
What’s good and bad, what’s light and night.

So speak! I’ll tell you of your life –
Whether you should emerge or dive.
But if your thoughts and deeds were foul,
Then I will speak myself – your soul…