Rave of the naive

What of me? I’m good, you see,
I am the one, who just broke free,
I am that one, who wants to change
Imperfect world within my range.

You people are the strangest guys –
And yet this humankind survives.
I wonder – will it last for long?
Of these my thoughts I’ll sing a song.

I want to see you all the better.
Say, more slim and less fatter…
You hear me? Healthy life rules!
Oh, you do not? Then you are fools!

Stop wasting time and start to work –
And your achievements will just rock!
You hear that? I know of this!
And hold your anger, hold it, miss!

Forget your sorrows and be happy…
Or do you need a soul-nappy?
It is a pleasure to just live –
So start to smile and to thrive!

Reject your anger, calm your mind
And leave those selfish thoughts behind!
I am your brother and your sister…
Don’t look that way at me, you, mister!

Move close to nature, leave the city
And thus rejoice at true world’s beauty!
We are the nature beings, men,
And must accept her now and then!

Make friends and peace in all the world –
That’s our future, I’ve been told.
So now make peace, forget wars, please,
Hold on your fire, cease it, cease!

Reject yourself to find new one,
To see you as a divine son,
Stop webbing those words on the shelf:
“To know the world is to know yourself”!

You hear me? I know of that!
To help you see the truth I’m glad!
Hey, you, stop throwing stones at me,
I’m not a jester, don’t you see?!

There is a way out of this maze –
Your mindless life you need to raze!
That’s how for now I end my phrase…
No longer can I bear your gaze!