About the relationship of loyalty

How often modern girls, having succumbed to the influence of Western fashion and focusing solely on their own appearance, lose sight of the main aspect that can make them truly happy. After reading glossy magazines, eighteen or twenty-year-old girls imagine that at this age they already resemble unpolished diamond and therefore deserve to be only with no less than a prince – one with a horse, athletic constitution, own apartment, personal successful business – all of this at the age of twenty-five.

Dear senior high school graduates! Please understand one simple matter: young men – those who make their way in life on their own and not by the money of their parents – by the specified age they only have enough time to finish their studies at the institute and are just starting their future social development. At twenty-five, they are, at best, only promising young specialists. Most of them begin approaching their true social mission only after thirty years.

Do you desire to find twenty-five-year-old swaggering and burning their own lives at someone else’s expense princes? Then be ready to line up in a long line of their silly fans, so that one day these princes honor you with a single night. Because there is nothing long-lasting that they need and that you can give them.

Mature men don’t need a one-night stand. In their future chosen one, they are not looking for painted lips, long eyelashes or the ability to stupidly giggle at their jokes. They desire to see them as a fellow traveler who is ready to share the difficulties and joys of their shared path, to go through life to the end, no matter what – in order to look at the end of it with a happy smile at everything. They shine not with a sense of humor, but with sanity and vitality instead. They don’t prance on given horses but walk on their own feet. With years of hard work and trials, they learn to rely on their own strength – and thus they do not need weak companions.

Young made-up girls, you want to get everything at once without any investment! You want to accumulate on your life account only the bonuses of these relationships – but are you ready to share the common hardships, to sail together through all the winds and not abandon your chosen one during the first storm? You are not accustomed to passing through storms – not for them you have so preened yourself. You will abandon the other at the first challenge. And that is why you don’t interest mature men.

The strength of the relationship is determined by the degree of investment by each one in them. Those who seek to have a strong family that is able to confidently sail on its earthly course – be ready to invest yourself!